welcome to the good rooms where we are passionate about hot yoga and hot pilates.

All of our classes are in a room heated to 35C to 38C, with 40% to 50% humidity. It means you may well sweat, so you will need to arrive hydrated and have some water with you. You’ll need a yoga mat and a towel to place on your mat. You can bring your own mat and towel, or we sell water, mats and towels at Reception.

The heat can be challenging at first so take it easy, stay in the room and remember to breathe slowly and calmly through your nose.

Once in the hot room, do bear in mind that this is a quiet space so please don’t chat or use your mobile phone. When the class is over, please feel free to continue relaxing and meditating.

All of our classes are suitable for all levels of experience so you are welcome to every class. If you are a beginner, please let you teacher know and they will guide you through the class.

On this page we answer the questions that we are most commonly asked. If you have any queries that are not covered here, please ask the teacher before or after class or get in touch with the good rooms reception:

why the heat?

The studio is heated for all of the classes, which allows you to stretch further safer as well as stimulating circulation and promoting sweat, which is great for your skin and de-toxifying. Some say the hot yoga studio replicates Indian conditions where yoga was born. Others just say it makes you feel wonderful. Come try our Intro Offer and see how it makes you feel.

what do I wear?

Wear something which is comfortable, allows you to move freely and is not too loose because you are going to sweat a lot. We recommend shorts or leggings and a sports vest, t-shirt or crop top.

how do I prepare for class?

We recommend not eating for two to three hours before class but do drink plenty of water because you are going to do quite a bit of stretching. A class is best done on an almost empty stomach but well-hydrated. During class, take regular small sips of water to moisten your mouth and feel comfortable.

what are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are based around our classes. Because of the need to make time for extra cleaning, we open 20 minutes before a scheduled class and close 30 minutes after the class. You can see our current class times on our Timetable page.

what if I have an injury that might affect my practice?

If you have any special medical condition or injuries, please consult your doctor first and inform the teacher before class begins. We encourage you to be your own teacher, so listen to your body, how you are feeling and what your body is telling you. Yoga rewards persistence and hard work, but it is equally important to rest and recover when you need to.

do I need to be fit and flexible to practice?

No – not at all. Our hot yoga and hot pilates classes are designed for all, whatever your level of fitness or flexibility. If you are not fit or flexible, this is the perfect place for you to restore and maintain your natural fitness and flexibility! You will be amazed how quickly your flexibility and fitness are improved.

is there any etiquette I should know about?

Classes will start on time, and we ask that you arrive with plenty of time to prepare for class as entering the studio after a class has started disturbs others. Once in the yoga studio, please observe that it is a quiet space, so please do not talk. Please feel free to talk in the reception area, changing rooms but please refrain from talking in the studio itself.

Mobile phones, along with bags and coats, are not permited in the hot room. Please follow the teacher’s instructions and be mindful of others during your practice. When the class is over, please feel free to continue to relax and meditate. Remember to leave the yoga studio as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others who are completing their class in their own way.

 For your safety and that of our customers and staff, please do not bring glass bottles to the studio. When in the studio, please line up the top of your mat with the black tape on the floor for all classes apart from Realign and Barre, where the mats can be positioned horizontally to the mirror.  Please do not use aerosol sprays in the changing rooms.  We welcome all customer feedback. If you have any feedback on the studio, team or teachers, please share with us by emailing hello@thegoodrooms.co.uk

what do I need to bring with me?

We recommend that you bring along a yoga mat for the class (we do sell mats for £25 and hire mats for £3), a towel to put over your mat and possibly another towel for a shower, some drinking water (no glass bottles please) and a small padlock if you want to lock your valuables away in the lockers in our changing rooms. We sell small padlocks for £6 of you don’t already have.

what can I bring into the hot room with me?

We ask that you only bring into the hot room those things you need for the class – your mat, towel and some water. We do not allow phones, coats, clothes, bags, keys, computers, or any other belongings in the hot room. This is to keep the studio device-free and clutter-free so that the studio is a quiet space for all. These items must be stored downstairs in our changing rooms.

If you wish to lock any valuables away, you will need a small padlock to use the lockers in our changing rooms. We do sell small padlocks for £6 of you don’t already have.

what is your lateness policy?

We recommend booking into class before arriving at the studio to avoid disappointment and we ask that everyone arrive in plenty of time before the class has started. We recommend arriving 15 to 20 minutes prior to the class start time to ensure you have plenty of time to check in, change and prepare yourself for class. Please do not arrive at the studio after the class has started.

If you arrive after the class start time, any space you have booked may have been given to another customer. If you arrive late for class, and there is still room for you, we do allow admittance to a class, but only if the class has been going for less than 5 minutes.

what is your cancellation policy?

Our classes can be cancelled without any penalty or fee if the class booking is cancelled with more than two hours to go before the class is due to start.

If you pay for classes via Single Class Credit or 5, 10 or 20 Class Card, then any class booking cancelled with less than two hours before the class starts will mean that you will be charged the credit as if you attended the class. If you pay for classes via our monthly memberships or our 14, 30 or 365 Day Passes, then you will receive an automatic £5 Late Cancel of No Show Fee if you cancel any class booking with less than two hours to go before the class is due to start, or if you do not come to any class that you have booked.

Our workshops have a different cancellation policy. In order to receive a refund, any purchase of a space in a workshop must be cancelled more than 24 hours in advance of the workshop start time. Our workshops are treated differently as the practitioners who host our workshops make special preparations for workshops based on the number of people booked in.

how do your waitlists work?

If any class is fully booked, you can add yourself to our online waitlist to join the class as long as there is more than 2 hours to go before a class is due to start. Please note, you will not receive an automated email or text to say that you have been added to the waitlist, but you will be able to see this by checking your Good Rooms account, via our website or App. Our online waitlist is active until two hours prior to a class start time. When there is less than 2 hours until a class is due to start, it is no longer possible to be moved from the online waitlist into the class.

If any person with a booking in a class cancels their booking with more than 2 hours to go before the class starts, which can be done easily on our website or App, the person at the top of the waitlist will be moved into the class. (You will not be charged for any class cancellation as long as the cancellation is done more that 2 hours prior to the class.)

If you have clicked the option to receive automated emails or texts from The Good Rooms, you will be alerted by email or text to say that you now have a spot in the class. If you have not opted in to receive automated emails from us, you will not receive any alert and you will need to check your Good Rooms account, via our website or App, to see whether you have a space in class.

You can be moved from an online waitlist into the class at any time up to 2 hours prior to the class. If you put yourself on a waitlist, please remember to take yourself off the waitlist as soon as you know that you no longer wish to attend the class. You may be charged for not coming to a class if you placed yourself on a waitlist but then did not attend the class after having been moved from the waitlist into the class. It is your responsibilty to check your Good Rooms account, via our website or App, if you are unsure whether you are booked into a class or on a waitlist.

are there any t’s and c’s for your class cards I should know?

Absolutely. A 5 Class Card with 45 day expiry entitles you to attend 5 classes within 45 days, starting from the date that you purchase the pass. A 10 Class Card with 90 day expiry entitles you to attend 10 classes within 90 days, starting from the date that you purchase the pass. A 20 Class Card with 180 day expiry entitles you to attend 20 classes, within 180 days starting from the date that you purchase the pass.

Extending your Pass – If you don’t use your classes up, of any 5, 10 or 20 Class Card, within this period then the card will expire and you will lose your classes, but we know that won’t happen to you because you will come to class regularly! It is possible to extend the duration of a Class Card by contacting the reception team via email (hello@thegoodrooms.co.uk) and paying a £15 admin fee to extend this pass, extending your Class Card by 30 days, so you have another 30 days, from the date of expiration, to attend your classes. Please note – Pass extensions are only possible before the Class Card has expired. Once the expiration date has been reached, it is no longer possible to extend a Class Card.

No Show/Late Cancellation Policy for Class Cards – If you do not attend any class booked or fail to cancel any class with more than 2 hours to go before the class, you will be charged one Class Credit, as if you attended the class.

do I need to check-in on arrival?

Yes, please always check in at our Front of House before you get changed or head into a studio. This is for your own health and safety and security, so we know who is in the building.  This will ensure you do not get charged a late cancellation fee for non attendance.  

do I need to take my shoes off?

We ask that all customers/visitors remove their shoes at reception. We have plenty of shoe storage under the benches.  This is for your health and safety and comfort as all customers and to help with studio cleanliness.

do you have lockers?

Yes, each changing room has lockers. Please leave all valuables, including electronic devices in the lockers.    Clothes, coats and bags can be left in the changing rooms on the pegs provided.  We sell padlocks at our Front of House or you can bring your own. Please note, we do not allow any personal belongings or phones in the studio itself.  

can I bring my child to the studio? 

We have a minimum age limit of 15.  Customers aged 15-17 can come accompanied to every class by a parent or legal guardian. Customers must all have their own individual TGR account and their own credits. 

Unfortunately children are not permitted to wait in our Front of House while parents attend classes.  

what do I do if I am away or can’t attend the studio for a period of time?

Our Monthly and 365 Day passes can be suspended by 30 days, three times a year for £15 per suspension. Please email us at hello@thegoodrooms.co.uk with at least 48 hours before you wish to apply the suspension and state the start and end date of the suspension and state that you give us permission to take £15 from your stored card.  Should you need a longer suspension, please let us know. There will be an additional charge for longer extensions.  

do you keep lost property?

Yes, we keep most lost property for 2 weeks from the date found.  Please notify us as soon as you realise you have left an item in the studio.  Please note, we do not keep underwear or socks.  

do you take cash?

I’m afraid we are cashless. Please ensure you have a payment card on your account to make purchases easier. The team will always ask permission to take any payment from your stored card.  All items must be paid for at the time of purchase as we do not give credit. 

is it easy to bring guests with me to class?

Yes, you can purchase a Guest Class – Pay for you friend to attend one class on the pricng page of this website. You will need to know your guest’s email address to book them into class. As a perk, any monthly or 365 Day member can bring a guest for free, each month they are in membership.