We, at The Good Rooms, believe that life is best lived when we are grounded, present and joyful. We believe that happiness and centredness can be found on the journey towards a healthy, strong, flexible body.

We provide a space for people to grow, get strong and stay healthy. We bring together excellent teachers, practitioners and facilities in a warm, welcoming environment where people will always feel central and valued.

As well as one-to-one healthy holistic practices, The Good Rooms offers group classes because hot yoga and pilates are most effective when enjoyed together.

we are carbon negative

We are committed to sustainability at The Good Rooms. 100% of the electricity we use is from renewable sources.

Our energy usage is also less than many hot yoga studios as we have a modern heat recovery system that brings fresh oxygenated air into the studio from outside while simultaneously keeping the heat inside the hot room. It recirculates the heat in our hot yoga studio while replacing stale air for fresh air at the same time, so keeping our energy bills down and limiting our energy usage.

We also work to reduce our carbon emmissions and eliminate our use of single-use plastics.

We used to be a Carbon Neutral business by offsetting all of the CO2 we used in running The Good Rooms, incuding plastic use, heating and lighting the studio as well as accounting for teachers and team travel to and from the studio.

We have recently become Carbon Negative as we now offset far more carbon than we use. We are partnering with Carbon Footprint to offset 1.719 tonnes of carbon dioxide each month, by investing in a global portfolio of carbon reduction projects.