We are delighted to be able to offer you 6 types of hot yoga classes at the good rooms – Original, Flow, Bliss, Reset, Realign and Yin.

All of our classes are perfect for both hot yoga beginners and advanced practitioners, looking for complete wellbeing.



75 (or 60) Minutes

These 75 (or 60) minute classes will bring you back to balance and set you up for the days ahead. Practiced to music, these slow flowing classes release tension, build strength and calm the mind. These classes are ideal for those who enjoy mindful movement as we stay in the postures for longer, allowing you to stretch deeper. Bliss is predominantly a set-sequence though our teachers will add their own twist to make each Bliss class an individual experience. Helps to: calm the mind, open the body and stretch deeper.


60 Minutes

Our 60 minute hot vinyasa flow classes combine strength, balance and movement to help you channel your fitness and flexibility. These dynamic classes are a powerful learning experience in which you will re-discover your body, how it works and what it can do. Our flow classes are practiced to music. The poses are connected together smoothly, so that you flow from one posture into the next. ‘Flow’ is a 60 minute class and is predominantly a set-sequence though our teachers will add their own twist to make each Flow class an individual experience. We also offer ‘Flow 75’ which is a 75 minute version of this class.  Helps to: improve balance, strength and flexibility and teach alignment.


75 Minutes

Our Realign class is the favourite class of many of our teachers because even the most experienced yogis can slip into bad habits. Realign will help remind you of the perfect posture we are all working towards. Realign is the ideal way to fine tune your practice and we recommend that all of our monthly or annual members attend a Realign class at least once every 6 to 8 weeks. While Realign can be a challenging class even for those with an advanced practice, it’s great for those just starting on their yoga journeys. We recommend that every newcomer to yoga try our Realign class during their 15 day Intro Offer so you can start your yoga journey with proper alignment is mind. Helps to: build a strong foundation for your yoga practice.


75 Minutes

Reset is a set sequences, with music, and is entirely on the floor. This is our slowest, most meditative hot yoga class and is designed to help you loosen your joints, open up your body and calm your mind. This is our low impact, most relaxing class. Helps to: unfurl, unwind, open up the body and soften the mind.

(Warm) Yin and Gong Deep Relaxation

75 Minutes

This 75 minute class is an opportunity to experience two holistic practices in one session. Yin yoga is a quiet, slow practice with a restorative emphasis. Working slowly in long held poses (mostly on the mat), the practice allows the body to unwind and to find a release in the structure of the body by stimulating the joints, ligaments and connective tissues.

This class is a perfect complement to our fast-paced lifestyles and to many of our more physically challenging classes. It is suitable for those seeking to enhance their flexibility, those recovering from injuries and those wish to relax deeply. The yin yoga aspect of the class will last around 45 minutes and will be followed by a 20-25 minute gong bath, to immerse you in a deeply meditative state. The gong is an ancient instrument that works on all levels to heal and transform. It releases blocks, reduces tension and it can help us ease into relaxation.

In the latter part of the class, you will be still and the heating system will be off. If you are someone who feels cold acutely and needs extra warmth, you may wish to bring along a scarf, sweater or blanket to cover you for this part of the class.


60 Minutes

Our lengthening, strengthening, calorie-burning class is based on the original 26-posture set hot yoga sequence. Designed to detox, ‘Original’ is based on the classic hot yoga experience, the ultimate full body workout that first brought hot yoga to an international audience. ‘Original’ is a 60 minute set sequence, without music. We also offer ‘Original 90’ which is a 90 minute version of the class. Helps to: detoxify, lengthen and strengthen the body.

Helps to: build a strong foundation for your yoga practice.

The benefits of hot yoga:

Our heat and humidity system is designed to monitor and maintain temperature and oxygen levels. This ensures a comfortable and healthy environment in which to practice hot yoga. Hot yoga is known to:

Increase flexibility The heat allows us to work deeper and open the body more than in non-hot classes. The more you come, the more you’ll notice how you can bend and stretch like never before.

Increase strength You will notice your body change as you become a regular hot yoga goer. Your body will get stronger, not just leaner, as you build up muscle and become more robust.

Develop mindfulness Mindfulness is a key component of any yoga class. Many people say they first tried hot yoga for the physical benefits, but they keep coming back for the mental benefits such as calm, clarity and light-heartedness.

Release toxins Hot yoga cleanses toxins from the body as your pores open.

Increase lung capacity Like other types of yoga that focus on breathing exercises, hot yoga improves lung capacity through slow and steady breathing.

Improve circulation Hot yoga is excellent for your heart health and blood flow.

Reduce injuries Flexibility is key to avoiding injury so when you heat your body up it becomes more open and supple.

Lower weight Hot yoga supports weight-loss even more than non-hot yoga.

Boost Your Mood Wash away any stress, work away any anxiety, breath away any negativity – you’ll never regret coming to a hot yoga class.

new to classes at the good rooms?

If you are new to the classes at the studio, we answers your most common questions here, with tips and pointers for your first visit to the studio.