hot yoga

We are delighted to be able to offer you 5 types of hot yoga classes at the good rooms – Original, Flow, Bliss, Reset and Foundations.

All of our classes are perfect for both hot yoga beginners and advanced practitioners, looking for complete wellbeing.



60 Minutes

Our lengthening, strengthening, calorie-burning class is based on the original 26-posture set hot yoga sequence. Designed to detox, ‘Original’ is based on the classic hot yoga experience, the ultimate full body workout that first brought hot yoga to an international audience. ‘Original’ is a 60 minute set sequence, without music. We also offer ‘Original 90’ which is a 90 minute version of the class. Helps to: detoxify, lengthen and strengthen the body.


60 Minutes

Our 60 minute hot vinyasa flow classes combine strength, balance and movement to help you channel your fitness and flexibility. These dynamic classes are a powerful learning experience in which you will re-discover your body, how it works and what it can do. Our flow classes are practiced to music. The poses are connected together smoothly, so that you flow from one posture into the next. ‘Flow’ is a 60 minute class and is predominantly a set-sequence though our teachers will add their own twist to make each Flow class an individual experience. We also offer ‘Flow 75’ which is a 75 minute version of this class.  Helps to: improve balance, strength and flexibility and teach alignment.


75 Minutes

These 75 minute classes will bring you back to balance and set you up for the days ahead. Practiced to music, these slow flowing classes release tension, build strength and calm the mind. These classes are ideal for those who enjoy mindful movement as we stay in the postures for longer, allowing you to stretch deeper. Bliss is predominantly a set-sequence though our teachers will add their own twist to make each Bliss class an individual experience. Helps to: calm the mind, open the body and stretch deeper.


75 Minutes

Reset is a set sequences, with music, and is entirely on the floor. This is our slowest, most meditative hot yoga class and is designed to help you loosen your joints, open up your body and calm your mind. This is our low impact, most relaxing class. Helps to: unfurl, unwind, open up the body and soften the mind.


75 Minutes

This class is the ideal way to start or restart your yoga journey with us. If you are new to yoga, you’ll learn the basics of any sound hot yoga practice including breathe and alignment. If you are returning to the studio after injury or time away, there is no better way to refind your form. But if you are an advanced practitioner, don’t make the mistake in thinking this class is not for you. Being reminded of proper alignment can be challenging for all of us. Helps to: build a strong foundation for your yoga practice for both beginners and advanced practitioners.