hot pilates classes

dynamic hot pilates

50 or 60 Minutes

Dynamic Hot Pilates blends Pilates technique with High-Intensity (HIIT) exercises to target deep muscle groups, work cardio and feel the sweaty bliss of a hard workout.

This class will strengthen your core while helping you align and sculpt your body. Through an uninterrupted flow of breath and movement Dynamic Hot Pilates will improve mobility, stability and coordination.

This is a challenging and transformative practice set to music, with a focus on quality, control and slow but deep burn. Great for people with bad knees or joint issues who still want an intense total workout.

The room will be heated to 38C for this class. Bands will be supplied to everyone who comes to class and will be thoroughly sanitized for each use.

core control hot pilates

50 or 60 Minutes

This low impact mat-based Pilates class will strengthen your core, help you recover from injury, build tone and lengthen your body.

Slower than our Dynamic Hot Pilates class, Core Control Hot Pilates will use Pilates rings to aid the exercises.

This class is excellent for those with bad backs who wish to strengthen safely. Anyone looking to recover and rehabilitate from injury or back pain will benefit from increased core control. The room will be heated.



45 Minutes

Our Barre classes are ballet-inspired conditioning classes. These classes are challenging, fun and will work muscles you might otherwise might not find.

We reduce the temperature in the room by a few degrees so the room will be warm, rather than hot.

These classes are 45 minutes long.

new to hot pilates and barre at the good rooms

If you are new to hot pilates classes at the studio, please take a look at our answers to all of the most common questions where we have tips for your first visit to the studio.


Join our Shamanic Sound Alchemist Mel, as we celebrate Beltane, the mid-point between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. Beltane is a Celtic word meaning “the fires of Bel” or Belenus, The Celtic Sun God.

Traditionally this festival involved lighting bonfires, performing rituals & dancing around the maypole. It’s a time of community, joy and celebration of the natural world. A perfect opportunity to connect with ancient wisdom and honour the changing seasons.

We will sit in circle with heart healing plant medicine Ixcacao (chocolate in its purest form) and drift away to the sounds of cosmic frequencies to bring you back into balance & get you ready for the summer season. Book via this link.

Date: Sunday 28 April

Time: 3pm to 4.30pm

Entry: £25

Workshop Cancellation Policy

NB – Please note that our workshops, unlike our classes, have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Our classes can be cancelled without any late cancellation penalty if the class booking is cancelled with more than two hours to go before the class starts. Our workshops must be cancelled more than 24 hours in advance in order to receive a refund.