hot pilates and more

dynamic hot pilates

Dynamic Hot Pilates blends Pilates technique with High-Intensity (HIIT) exercises to target deep muscle groups, work cardio and feel the sweaty bliss of a hard workout.

This class will strengthen your core while helping you align and sculpt your body. Through an uninterrupted flow of breath and movement Dynamic Hot Pilates will improve mobility, stability and coordination.

This is a challenging and transformative practice set to music, with a focus on quality, control and slow but deep burn. Great for people with bad knees or joint issues who still want an intense total workout.

The room will be heated to 38C for this class. Bands will be supplied to everyone who comes to class and will be thoroughly sanitized for each use.

new to hot pilates at the good rooms

If you are new to hot pilates classes at the studio, please take a look at our answers to all of the most common questions where we have tips for your first visit to the studio.

sound baths

A Sound Bath will connect you deeply to the sounds found in nature. Every day we are exposed to environmental noise and interference that can effect our equilibrium. People talk of sound therapy retuning our bodies.

If you haven’t yet experienced the healing effects of sound on your mind and body we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Mel Lowe will be hosting our next sound bath in the New Year – date to be confirmed.

Tickets for monthly and annual members cost £15. For everyone else, tickets are £18. Tickets can be purchased for this session, by clicking here.


the art of settling – with simon heale – saturday january 29th, 4pm

We are so excited to be able to introduce our community to Simon Heale, the host of the ‘Settle with Simon’ podcast, who promises that anyone who comes along to this introductory workshop, will leave with the ability to start a daily meditation practice.

  In this 90-minute session Simon will introduce you to the practices of insight meditation to gain an understanding of what it is to be human and how we can use this practice to cultivate a healthier way of living.   Simon will help you understand: – What are thoughts?
– Why do we have feelings?
– How to be with the body?
– How to take these practices into our day to day lives?

Spaces are £19 and can be booked via this link. The room will not be heated. Please bring your own mat and anything you may need to aid sitting comfortably.

We are thrilled to finally be introducing Simon’s meditation workshop to our schedule at The Good Rooms as we know that enhancing your meditation practice only helps to enhance your yoga practice, and vice versa.

flow and bliss fundraiser wokshop – date to be announced

The Good Rooms is running a Flow and Bliss Fundraiser Workshop – date to be announced- to raise money for the Hornsey Food Bank.

During the two-hour workshop, our wonderful teachers Rachel Blunt and Amanda Joseph will help you:

– improve your Flow class standing postures
– explore the vinyasa
– work on techniques to build strength
– relax with highlights from our Bliss sequence

Spaces cost £25 and can be booked via our website or Booking App. All proceeds will go to this excellent charity.

Hornsey Food Bank is run entirely by volunteers. They are an independent, community-led group that started in March 2020 in response to Covid-19. They run thirteen neighbourhood groups across Hornsey and currently support over 400 people each week.

Testimonials from two Hornsey Food Bank users:

– “I’m 60 and on income support. After my bills, my money is all gone. I look forward to this every Thursday.”

– “The Food Bank helps immensely, especially in school holidays. It’s a lifeline. Treats like hot chocolate, tinned custard and biscuits are important to allow children to feel normal.

If you are unable to attend the workshop but wish to donate, please give via our localgiving page. Similarly, if you are attending but would like to give more than £25, then you are welcome to donate via our localgiving page.

If you would like to donate items, Hornsey Food Bank is always looking for foods, toiletries, sanitary products and baby supplies. Unfortunately, we are unable to store these items at The Good Rooms, though they can be dropped off at the Methodist Church on Middle Lane (N8 7JN), on Thursdays between 10am-11am and 1pm to 2pm.