health and safety

working together to be covid secure

At The Good Rooms we want you to find calm, joy and sanctuary. In order for this to happen we all have to play our part to make the studio Covid-secure. The Good Rooms team has specific responsibilities but we also need your help.

we are

  • limiting the numbers in the studio to just over half our previous capacity to maintain social distancing
  • cleaning and scrubbing all surfaces and touch-points regularly with anti-viral products
  • raising the ventilation rate around the building to bring in more fresh air more often
  • wearing face coverings or visors in the reception, or standing behind a perspex screen at all times
  • no longer providing mats and straps to share at the studio

we have

  • rearranged our class schedule so that we will have more shorter length classes
  • extended the gaps between classes to keep the numbers in the building down
  • installed clear markings to let you know where you should lay your mat in the studio

we ask that you

  • pre-book all of your classes
  • wear a face-covering for all of your time in the building apart from when you are on your yoga mat
  • bring a yoga mat and towel with you, as well as blocks and a strap if you need
  • sanitize your hands on entry with one of our many hand sanitizer stations
  • do not come to the studio if you have any Covid symptoms or indeed any cold and flu symptoms
  • no longer pay with cash

There is the hope that we will be able to relax these measures over the coming weeks and months but for the time being we feel it is paramount for us all to be doing everything we possibly can to lower the risk of Covid transmission.

covid faq’s

how will the numbers be limited within the studio to maintain social distancing?

We are reducing our maximum class size to just over half of our previous capacity. Floor-tape marks out the places where you should lay the front edge of your mat when you enter the studio. We ask that everyone lay their mats in the exact spaces indicated to maintain social distancing during the class.

how do hot yoga’s high levels of heat and humidity affect coronavirus transmission?

There is a common misconception that all germs thrive in hot and humid conditions.

There is much we are yet to discover about the current coronavirus. The available scientific studies on a closely related previous pandemic coronavirus (SARS-CoV-1) show that it is significantly less able to survive and cause infections at higher temperatures and in high relative humidity (1, 2).

So, if this current pandemic coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) responds to heat and humidity like its sister coronavirus (SARS-CoV-1) then yoga in our levels of heat and humidity should be at least as safe (and probably safer!) than similar activities at normal temperature and humidity levels.

how will the hot yoga studio’s ventilation system reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission?

The effectiveness of any ventilation system is measured in the number of complete air changes that occur within an hour. When the studio’s ventilation unit is switched to its usual setting, the air in our studio is completely replaced four times an hour, so every 15 minutes.

The Good Rooms’ ventilation system is one of the most modern of any hot yoga studio in London. Our system has been designed to bring in fresh oxygenated air throughout the class whilst not reducing the temperature in the room. Our Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery unit hangs from the ceiling in the reception and does three jobs at once – it brings in a steady flow of fresh air from outside, it heats up this fresh air before it enters the studio and it expels stale, used air from the studio whilst keeping the heat in the room.

In addition, we regularly clean and replace the filters on our ventilation system to make sure that the risk of transmission is further reduced.

is sweat a risk for coronavirus transmission?

Lots of people sweat a lot during a hot yoga class so we have been very keen to learn whether there was any risk of viral transmission via sweat.

We were delighted to learn that both the UK government (3) and major US health institutions (4) have an identical message – the current pandemic coronavirus is NOT transmitted via sweat.

what changes has the studio made to the schedule to help lower the risk of coronavirus transmission?

We now have more shorter classes and fewer longer classes throughout the week. It makes sense that shorter classes represent a lower risk though we will have a few longer classes on the schedule for those who wish to attend them.

We are extending the minimum gap in between classes to make sure that there is no crossover of clients on site in between classes and to give our team more time to clean. We are limiting the amount of time that customers can be on site before and after class so that people will have ample time to leave the building before we allow anyone attending the next class to enter the building.

what changes have you made inside the yoga studio that will help lower the risk of coronavirus transmission?

Most importantly, the capacity of the room is significantly reduced to just over half of our previous capacity. We are marking out with floor-tape the places where you should lay your mat when you enter the studio.

We ask everyone to bring their own yoga mat as well as straps if needed, although mats are for sale in the reception and we now do offer blocks in classes for those who do not have.

We are giving everyone the option to leave the studio from the rear door immediately after class so that we have a one-way system in the studio. This will help to maintain safe social distancing. You will now be able to bring your valuables and shoes into the yoga studio with you during a class to do this.

what changes are being made to the reception area to help lower the risk of coronavirus transmission?

We are asking for everyone to wash their hands with hand sanitizer gel on first entry to the building.

You will also notice that there are markings on the floor of the hot room showing you where to lay your mat. We ask that you keep to these spaces and put the front edge of your mat up against the black floor tape.

what changes are being made to the sign-in process to help lower the risk of coronavirus transmission?

All classes must be pre-booked and we can no longer accept walk-in visits. This is to minimise the amount of time needed for everyone to sign into the studio and to congregate at the reception desk.

The studio will be cash-free and all transactions will have to be done online or with in-studio bank cards. The easiest way to make purchases at the studio is for customers to top up their good rooms online account, via the payment page of our website. This will make purchases of consumables quicker and easier for customers and our staff and will reduce the amount of time customers are in the reception area while payment is taken.

what is the studio policy towards masks and face coverings?

According to Government guidelines, it is no longer mandatory that all customers wear a face covering when at the studio, apart from when they are on their mat. With this mind it is no longer a requiry for entry that you wear a face covering when moving around the hot room and studio, though we continue to ask you wear one nevertheless.

All good rooms staff will be wearing face coverings or visors when around the studio, unless they are behind a perspex screen.

will the studio’s Lost Property policy be changed in light of the new health and safety regulations?

Unfortunately, we have decided to change our Lost Property policy. While we used to store and launder items for people that were left at the studio, we will now be disposing of all Lost Property unless it is claimed within 7 days.

If items of high value, such as jewellery, are found then we will keep these for a limited time in the hope they are claimed soon.

We apologise if any inconvenience is caused by this and urge everyone to check they have everything they came with before leaving the building.

will the changing rooms and showers be open to everyone when the studio opens?

Our showers and changing rooms are open to you.

For those who wish not to go downstairs, we still offer the option for people to leave the yoga studio immediately after class through the back door of the studio, so you may take your belongings into the hot room with you.

what is the studio policy on people attending with possible coughs and colds during this time?

We must insist that anyone with coronavirus symptoms does not come to the studio at this time.

In addition we ask that people with any cold or flu symptoms that they think are not Covid do not come to the studio as we feel it is important that everyone should feel safe while at the studio.

If a member has to self-isolate, we will suspend or extend your membership free of charge while you are doing this.